About Us


Welcome to our newly designed website!


Our mission at TicketNut is to inspire, promote, and grow the local music community to enhance the event experiences of local performers and fans alike!


TicketNut was born out of a vision to support the local music scene by giving an affordable, stable, and user-friendly platform for performers and promoters for ticket sales.




TicketNut is committed to only taking what it needs to support the website operations. We are committed to taking no more than $1 per ticket with no additional hidden fees. All of us at TicketNut are avid concert goers, and nothing upsets us more than when a $15 dollar ticket somehow magically doubles or triples in cost! Our pledge to be transparent about our fees is also reflected in our unique ticket purchasing process which allows the fans to direct their money to the performers of their choice, instead of being forced to buy a general admission ticket and never knowing if they actually supported the performers of their choice.




TicketNut is a partnership between experienced musical promoters, club owners, and professional web developers. Our goal is to make sure that the technology is here as a convenience and never a hindrance to the experience of the performers, promoters, or the fans.




Here at TicketNut we are embracing a minimalist design to support all the users of our platform as seamlessly as possible. We do not sell any advertising space so there are no distractions between connecting the fans to the shows they want to see and the performers they want to support.


Our commitment to aiding local performers in promoting their own shows is reflected in the priorities within our technology.

TicketNut does a lot of the work for you with automatic notifications! The ticketing platform will do 80% of all your follow up with the participants.  The promoter can schedule emails and texts customized for their event. TicketNut gives a promoter the ability to text all the participants of event at the same time. You can schedule automatic emails such as what time to be at the event, what equipment to bring or any information that pertains to the event. The ticketing platform has the ability to change the performance times based on how many tickets are sold for the event in real time. 

It also gives each participant their own ticketing link and their own profile. Using their profile they can assign as many people as the want to get notifications and help promote. TicketNut connects the audience, promoter and participants all together.